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With God’s help and your support we could stop the cycle of poverty experienced by children and youth. There are many ways by which you can get involved with the ASFFPI to break this cycle of poverty and provide orphaned, neglected, abused and exploited children, the opportunity to acquire higher education and grow into a healthier self-sufficient and responsible citizens of the world.

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 Ways to help:


  • Donate cash or in-kind
  • Donate cash or in-kind
  • Sponsor the education and daily needs of a child/children
  • Organize an outreach program with family members, friends or co-workers.
  • Fund raise for the foundation programs and services.
  • Organize a developmental activity for the children such as sports fest, swimming lessons, visit to a zoo and etc.
  • Volunteer your time, your talent and be a tutor to our children. 



Our Children's Haven is situated in the Philippines, Mactan Island. We have 82 children live at the Children's Haven. Let's have a look of some pictures of the activities on the link: Gallery

 For more information please download our brochure:  ASFFPI Brochure.docx

 Policies & Guidelines on Internship and Volunteer Program: VOLUNTEERS BROCHURE Edited.docx


To provide a package of social work interventions and other services to children, women, families, older and differently-abled persons needing special protection, care and rehabilitation, as well  as depressed communities, by building their capability to uphold their rights become self propelling, self sustaining and self reliant.



A world free  from violence, abuse and exploitation by  building strong families whose members are:

   ·  exemplify spiritual values and beliefs,

   ·  are committed to support each other for their development;

   ·  are capable of solving their problems and meeting their needs, and

   ·  are actively participating in community development activities.


Task and Objectives:

  • To promote and strengthen the general welfare of abandoned, neglected, abused and exploited children and youth in a family  atmosphere at  the CHILDREN’S HAVEN, A RESIDENTIAL HOME FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH.
  • To provide both short and long term care, support, security, education, spiritual and other aspects of development to children and youth, to include to include life skills, formal education from Day Care to College.
  • To provide capability-building, training and consultancy services to implementors of social welfare and development programs of local government units, NGOs & POs especially on publish and disseminate information about social welfare and development programs to improve the practice of social and service delivery.
  • To accept or solicit donations (both foreign and local sources) in cash or in kind, like appliances, equipment, machineries, shoes/ slippers, clothing, food supplies and medicine for the various clients it will be serving or referred by local government, the DSWD and other agencies.

ASFFPI-Children's Haven Facilities  


Registration & Accreditation:


Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)

License No.  :     DSWD - FOVII RL - 0030-2009

Security Exchange Commission (SEC)

Registration No.   :     C199700329

Bureau of Internal Revenue as Tax Exempt organization 

TIN No.    :   200894103-000

Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA)

Registration No.    :    2010 - 131



-   Municipal Government of Cordova

-   Cebu City Government

-   Regional Development Council (Development Administration Committee - one of the four standing Committees of the RDC) 



History of the Albert Schweitzer Familienwerk Foundation Philippines, Inc. (ASFFPI):


                  In October 1995, Mr. Bernd Papke, The Former Head of Albert Schweitzer Branch in Sachsen Anhalt, came to Cebu to observe residential institutions for different clientele group. Their first contact was Rev. Fr. Peter Zago, former Provincial Supervisor of the Don Bosco Provincialate of the Salesian Priests.


               Fr. Zago and Fr. George Militante referred the request to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Mrs. Bibiana Horvath, one of the specialist of DSWD escorted the two guests in visiting the centers operated by DSWD and NGO, as well as the families where children who were scheduled for adoption and were licensed foster parents were placed.


               On February 19 – March 12, 1996, upon invitation of Mr. Papke, Mrs. Martiniana D. Mercado, then DSWD Regional Director, and Mrs. Bibiana Horvath went to Germany to observe the operation of the different centers in Germany which were under the Albert Schweitzer-Verband.


               When the two DSWD staff returned from their trip to Germany, they brought with them the assurance of Mr. Papke for support for programs for children in need of Special protection.

               In 1997, the first foster home for children was established in Sitio Teltelon, Cotcot, Liloan, Cebu, on the property owned by Don Bosco. However, in year 2002, Don Bosco Boys Home in Cebu City was transferred to Cotcot, Liloan, thus ASFFPI could no longer construct additional cottages for abandoned and neglected children.


               In August, 2003, Mrs. Mercado was able to request a 12,000 square meter lot from the Municipal government of Cordova, Cebu.


               Mr. Heiner Theiss, and Dr. Professor R. Geiling then President and Managing Director of Albert Schweitzer Verband der Familienwerke und kinderforfer, e.V. respectively, based in Berlin, Germany, came to Cordova, Cebu to sign a Memorandum of Agreement with the former Mayor of Cordova, Hon. Arleigh Jay C. Sitoy.


               In 2004 the first building at the Children’s Haven in Cordova was constructed and was occupied in June 5, 2004 by 20 children who were transferred from  Cotcot, Liloan, Cebu.


               Since 2004 the Albert-Schweitzer-Verband  remitted to the ASFFPI funds for the construction of the two additional cottages to be able to provide residential care and custody to abandoned, neglected and abused children who were referred by DSWD, local and NGO Social Workers for admission. ASV also sent money for the operational expenses of the foundation.


                      To save administrative cost for its office, ASFFPI requested financial aid from the Dolores Aboitiz Children’s Fund of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. for the construction of a Multi-purpose Center which is used as office of the Executive Director, Social Worker, Bookkeeper and Houseparents, as well as library, counseling and group activities.

                  ASFFPI Board of Trustees, staff and children are grateful to the New President of Albert Schweitzer Verband der Familienwerk und Kinderdorfer, e.V., Mr. Heiner Koch, The Managing Director, Mrs. Margitta Bhenke, Officers and members thereof and to our generous donors, sponsors and kind – hearted  individuals  for their endless support to the ASFFPI.


Other Projects are:

  • Foster Care Project wherein children available for adoption were placed with   licensed poster parents in 1996 in coordination with DSWD and Kaisahang Buhay Foundation – 1996 serving 40 children.
  •  Educational Assistance to children and youth living in the Carreta Cemetery (one year only) with the funds donated by PAGCOR – PHP50,000.00 in school year 1997 – 1998 serving 102 kids.
  • Establishment of Foster Home for children within the lot of Don Bosco in Cotcot, Liloan, Cebu – 1998 to June 4, 2004 serving 20 children, 10 of whom came from Cebu City funded by Albert Schweitzer-Verband, Germany.
  • Early Detection, Prevention and Intervention of Disability (EDPID) funded by the Cebu City government November 2004 – 2005 – PHP 940,000.00.
  • Perpetrators Counseling Program funded by the Cebu City government – November 2004 – 2005 with Cebu City funding of PHP272,000.00, Training of Counselors and Barangay GAD & youth leaders.
  • Counseling and Rehabilitation Program for Men who are violent and Abusive funded by Canada Fund – 2001 – 2003.
  • National Program for the Reduction of Family Violence with funding from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CIDA) – P1,500,000.00 which was implemented nationwide in coordination with DSWD, DILG, Probation & Parole Administration, BJMP and DepED.
  • Establish and operation of a Children’s Haven serving 63 kids, 29 of whom are from Cebu City with funding from the Albert Schweitzer-Verband, Germany and fund augmentation from the Municipal government of Cordova and donation from civic groups and kind-hearted individuals.
  • Early Detection, Prevention and Intervention of Disability (EDPID) with funding from the Philippine- Australian Community Assistance Program (PACAP) of PHP1,816,350.00 and implemented in five barangays of Cagayan de Oro City (CDO).
  • Project Enhancement Program – PHP480,800.00 with PACAP assistance these two last projects were used for the restoration and rehabilitation of children with disability in  barangays of CDO. This is a continuing program.
  • Counseling Program for Youth, tie-up with the Children’s Hour Philippines, Inc. with PHP350,000.00 financial aid which was implemented in Lapu-lapu City and Cordova in 2005 – 2006.

Please be informed that presently, we are sending to school the children in our center referred to us by Social Workers of Parian and NGOs and Barangay Officials of Cebu City and other Child-Caring Agency. All are in school and participate in activities of the foundation.


About Dr. Albert Schweitzer:

Information about Dr. Albert Schweitzer please refer to the link:

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