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Quotes My time in the center was 'the time of my life'! It's difficult to describe for anyone how amazing Childrens Haven is. All staff and all children have their own beautiful and amazing personality. Everyone is loving, thankful and caring. The time in the center made me happy and grateful. We had so much fun and so many good talks about life, problems, future etc. I became a part of the family and I'm lucky and blessed because of that! I miss my brothers, sisters, ate, kuya etc. every single day! Childrens Haven deserves the best and I will recommend everyone to donate for this place. ?You never really leave a place or person you love, part of them you take with you ,leaving a part of yourself behind.? Childrens Haven will forever be in my heart! Quotes
One big family

Quotes 'Expect the unexpected' - these words describe the work in the ASFFPI for me. Everything is possible here if you are open minded and full of heart. Living in the center let me grow personally. I was immediately here and could follow every step of the children, I could support them in their daily life and also tried to work out their problems. Learning together, playing together, doing some activities with them, helping the staff members with their daily work - all these things made my stay here excited day by day. The kids are amazing, I could learn a lot of them and their joy of life let me realize what the important things in life are. My biggest project was to create a magazine together with the kids. I am very proud of the result; the kids had a lot of good ideas and wrote the articles by themselves. Being a volunteer here in the ASFFPI was the best decision in my life. The kids will be in my heart forever, like the staff members and all the nice people I met here. Quotes
Austrian volunteer, 6 months in the orphanage

Quotes I really loved my time in the orphanage and I wanted to thank the staff members for their kindness. I had never been to the Philippines before and I discovered a very beautiful country! People are friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my time here organizing activities for the children like going to the beach, playing team games, or supporting them for their first day at school. Children are all adorable and it's a pleasure to live with them. I have no regret about this experience without not be able to stay more. I hope the best for every child! Quotes
French volunteer, 1.5 month in the orphanage - may 2012

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